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EmpowerYOU is an energetic transmission of vocals, sounds and colours which will help accelerate the evolution of your consciousness. This meditation takes us on a powerful journey of self-discovery. You are guided to a magical forest to connect with the healing energies of the Archangel Gabriel. This CD will help you let go of old thinking patterns and behaviours that prevent you from opening up to your greatness. Gain techniques to:

- Open your heart

- Increase your connection with the angelic realm 

- Build on your inner resources

- Gain clarity and insight to deal with the challenges on your life path

- Co-create the life that you truly deserve

For a sample of the meditation click on the link below. Go to the EmpowerYOU meditation Snippet and press play.

CD/MP3 track length: (20.45mins)     

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You will recieve an e mail from paypal once you have placed your order. We aim all orders within 5 working days. The downloadable files will be sent to your supplied e mail address once the paypal payment has been processed.

The CD is shipped using a standard postage service and does not include package tracking or recorded delivery. If you are making a purchase from outside the UK shipping and handling costs are extra. Please contact me directly to arrange. If the CD is defective you may return it otherwise no refunds are given on shop goods.


I have just had the utmost privilage of being one of the first to listen to Jill Websters first (with many more to come I hope!) CD/ MP3 File 'EmpowerYOU' The ambient music that Robert Aitken has created blends perfectly with the healing, soothing tones of Jill's voice. I quickly found myself transported to safe, sacred space and was guided on a magical journey which had a profound affect on me on all levels. I saw myself in a scene from the childrens story 'Charlottes Web' where messages for me and about me were being beautifully spun on the web. This adventure I went on was all things...enlightening, emotional, inspiring, funny and much more.

I had a very empowering and healing moment when 'letting go' of my past and knew that this  'angelic inspired masterpiece' was the catalyst for yet another clearing and healing; providing me with more clarity and guidance and feeling safe in the knowledge that it is safe for me just to be me!

Thankyou Jill for following your intuition and listening to the gentle whispers of the angels in co-creating this magnificiant piece of work. I know many others worldwide will be honoured and blessed to listen to this and see, hear and feel for themselves the impact that it has on them.

 Dawn Alexander  Psychic Medium & Angel Therapy Practioner

I could feel a huge shift in my vibration. I was receiving new frequency codings.

Andrea Fraser Spiritual Response Therapy, Metatronia Therapy

A beautiful meditation, wrapped in beauty

Jim Bennett Leadership speaker

It was awesome! For me the music that Rob has created works on a high vibrational level to help you ascend through your crown chakra as guided by Jill, to experience a wonderful connection with the angelic beings. I wish Jill the very best of luck with her new CD.

Janis Louden Corse house

A centre for being!/CorseHouse

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