Useful Links  An elightening blog about the refinement of our conciousness during these exciting times of change on the earth  A resource sight with insights on ascension   A variety of products available teaching about the power of our thoughts and how to create our desired reality  Resources for conscious living and loving. Tools on how to deal with relationships challenges  An inspiring and uplifting site on personal and spiritual growth. Regular monthly calls are available to download on a variety of topics  International Angel Teacher, Author  The chakra sprays are tuned to individual chakras. Each is a combination of a music essence, crystal/gem essences and essential oils.  I can recommend this site for information on Geopathic stress. Jeff Jeffries provides a service to distantly clear your home from geopathic stress. More information on devices to neutralize Geopathic Stress & harmful EMF's

Patricia Iris Kerins Show A selection of  internet radio shows and show archives hosted by Patricia Iris Kerins & guests delivering a wide range of inspirational information on spiritual growth to raise your awareness and illuminate your path. 

Archives Divine Divas radio show 

How to raise your vibration A facebook resource centre with articles and tools on how to raise your vibration Marianne Beare provides Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, Coaching






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