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'Transform your life through cultivating the art of self love'


Free yourself from past pain and programming where you may have learned that the only way to achieve things in your life is from a place of forcing and struggling which can very easily lead to stress, burnout, stuckness and depression. Learn new ways of being and doing to help you re-align with your divine feminine essence. Develop a deeper level of love, kindness and forgiveness towards yourself and others.

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Top tips on managing life transitions and creating your life as you wish to live it

The winds of change are blowing in many peoples lifes just now. A lot of us are going through transitions in our health, relationships, work and home life.

- How are you adjusting to these changes?

- Are you able to bend in the wind?

- Do you hold your centre even though the going gets tough?

- Perhaps you feel like you have had a rug pulled out from under your feet lately?

We are being moved forward on our souls evolutionary journey at a rapid rate now. Many of us are going through a cleansing and purging process: mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual. We are clearing out old outdated ways of thinking and behaving that would prevent us from fulfilling our true potential and life purpose. We are embracing a new way of being which will help us transform our lives, have a powerful impact on the lifes of the people around us and the world we live in.

Join me for some MOTIVATION and CELEBRATION! Learn about TAKING THE REINS in your life and creating more JOY-FUELLED EXPERIENCES!


Womans Wisdom

Jill invites you to an evening of soul nourishment where she will be speaking about her own healing journey from burn out to blooming and sharing her top tips on how to re-connect to your divine feminine essence- your innate source of love, wisdom, peace and power within so that you can feel happier, healthier and more fulfilled in your life.

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